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iControlPad 2, Qwerty Game Console for Smartphone

The number of vendors who uses mobile phone as a game now apparently makes Matthias Ringwald interested and created a unique gadget, namely iControlPad. iControlPad comes with a small size and lightweight, this gadget has buttons like a gaming console that is common in the market.

The latest in iPad

In the line of new addition to the existing Apple products is the 2012 iPad that is slated to rule the tablet world and increase the bar for all tablets which are due to be introduced in 2012. Tech gadgets usually have a very short life span as they get obsolete due to new innovations and introductions, but not this one, it seems, as the improved version of the iOS in the new iPad has taken the world’s favorite gadget way ahead of its nearest rivals in the tablet business.

Some iPad Retina Displays Appear Yellow

As with every mass produced product that hits the market, every once in a while something goes wrong. Apple is no stranger to screen issues over the years, with some units of the original iPad suffering from backlight leaks and the iPhone 4 shipping with discoloration due to wet glue. Now that the third generation iPad has shipped, some users are reporting a overly yellow hue on their tablets.