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Facebook Facelift

The latest announcement from Facebook is that they are doing a large update to the News Feed structure on all users accounts. Mark Zuckeberg has said that it is to help you to only see things you will care about. It will basically turn your news feed into a personalized newspaper.

iWatch from Apple

When you think of the company Apple Inc. the first thing that will come to mind is the iPhone or iPod. This is because they have dominated this market since they first released the product. However, they have now started work on a new device that could take the world by storm. They have called it the iWatch

What to expect from Windows 8?

The largest software company in the world today is Microsoft, which set to launch a revolutionary new operating system, namely Windows 8. This could be the future of the computing world. Windows 8 has a feature of blocks which can be moved around the screen or click to go directly into the application.