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Get Memefier App for iPhones and Turn Your Friends to Memes

Do you want to make social networking more fun with pictures? Turning pictures to memes before sharing with friends may be the perfect way to spruce up your activities on social networks. Memefier for iPhone is an awesome app that scans a scene for faces and automatically resizes a meme to fit the faces in the scene.

Smartphones Coming up In 2012

Considering the last couple of years much has been happening on the technology front. Several new gadgets have been introduced, while break-through advancements have been made in the existing ones. This holds true for the mobile phones as well as many new phones with better features have been introduced lately. Moreover, the smartphones are making their way in most pockets as they are considered better equipments to handle entertainment, work, social networking and other activities.

The latest in iPad

In the line of new addition to the existing Apple products is the 2012 iPad that is slated to rule the tablet world and increase the bar for all tablets which are due to be introduced in 2012. Tech gadgets usually have a very short life span as they get obsolete due to new innovations and introductions, but not this one, it seems, as the improved version of the iOS in the new iPad has taken the world’s favorite gadget way ahead of its nearest rivals in the tablet business.

Jailbreaks for iPhones

What is a jailbreak in iPhones? Jailbreaks are used by iPhone users to get rid of the limitations that are enforced by Apple. Apple users that have devices like the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch can have their gadgets jailbroken. Jailbreaking is basically done to remove the "framework of security” that has been generously provided by Apple.

Most Popular Gadgets Revealed in 2012

Most Popular Gadgets Revealed in 2012

Every year, the developers and manufactures throw bundles of innovative and advance technology gadgets into the market. Due to excessive amazing products offered by different technology companies around the world, there is a hot war between them. Everyone is trying to introduce more and more gadgets with extra amazing features.

A quick review to the field of gadgets | What is Gadget?

Gadgets are one of the most essential requirements of our day-to-day activities. Life without the use of proper gadgets can simply be termed as unimaginable. What was termed as luxury few years back has become necessity now and human beings have surrounded themselves with gadgets and have become fully dependent upon them.