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How to protect your computer from viruses

When you’re online, you expose yourself to unwelcome intruders and malicious viruses and Trojans which have been growing in ferocity over the past few years. Nowadays, these coded programs have gone way beyond the minor annoyances of old fashioned viruses, with the worst

Asus Transformer Infinity Tablet

Having already delivered top of quality tablet PC’s similar to the models of the Asus Transformer Prime and more recently the Google Nexus 7, This Asus Transformer Infinity is the latest member of the slate family giving us a full high definition display and the more

Microsoft's Surface Tablet in-depth

Last week, Microsoft surprised the technology industry by announcing their Microsoft Surface tablet range. Many had suspected the event would be tablet-centered but given that Microsoft rarely makes their own hardware most expected it to be a briefing to OEM's or showing off prototypes of third party tablets running the upcoming Windows 8 OS.

What is Enemygraph from Facebook?

At over 900 million Facebook users, "Facebooking" is about to take a new twist with the release of an enemy-making app. The app was developed by a group of people who feel Facebook is too friendly and needs to be spiced up by making a few enemies to make "facebooking" more real.  The Facebook app, EnemyGraph, helps users name other Facebook users, groups or pages as "enemy".

Laptops of 2012

The New Year has ushered in with a bang as long as the latest and coolest tech gadgets are concerned. Various companies are bringing in new products and the emphasis is on bringing in something new and better not just than the predecessor versions but also better than the gadgets from the competitors. Smartphones and tablets are the order of the day, but laptops are not out of the race. 2012 promises a whole new series of laptops which are going to be thinner, sleeker, faster, and lighter and carrying long lasting batteries.